Welcome to Relive

At Relive we're building a new platform for people who love the outdoors. Over 5 million cyclists, runners, hikers and skiiers have joined Relive to share their passion & adventures - making Relive one of the fastest growing startups in The Netherlands.

Relive was founded early 2016 by three friends. Today, we're a young and fast growing team of 18 - excited to bring Relive to the next level.

Feeling home at work

We’re passionate about being outdoors, technology, sharing stories, and together creating a company where we love to work. Bringing the best out of everyone, as a team. That means learning new stuff, having flexible working hours and working from different locations at times. And we’ve turned our brand new office into a place that we love to be around.

When doing things at Relive, we like to ship features and learn fast together - creating a product people love to use and share. This means a lot to us. We have an open team culture and biased towards action :)

Growing fast

Build a unique product and technology to process millions of videos and pageviews a month.

See what Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has to say about Relive.

Give it your touch

Work in a small team and have direct impact. We're looking for product-minded team players.